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Call to Arms Patch 3

Hellgate Changes

We've made various changes and improvements to Hellgates based on early data as well as community feedback. You can read about these changes more in depth here:
  • Further reduced selectivity of Hellgate matchmaking in 10v10 Hellgates to broaden the range of eligible targets
  • 10v10 Lethal Hellgate Changes:
    • Base IP requirement: 1100 → 1000
    • IP softcap: 1300 → 1200
    • IP multiplier above softcap: 0.5 → 0.35
    • Mob changes:
    • HP of mobs reduced
    • Damage (auto attack and spells) reduced by about 20%
    • Auto attack damage of the Demonic Predator reduced by about 31%
    • Damage of Demonic Berserker's "Raging Onslaught" reduced by about 37%
  • Fame from PvP Reward Chests (all Hellgates):
    • Players that defeat an opposing team in a Hellgate will now be rewarded with additional Fame when opening their reward chest
    • The Fame amount is a reward for the time the team spent in PvP
    • The Fame rewarded scales with Premium, Satchels of Insight, and the zone type bonus, but not with Infamy
    • Fame is split evenly between all group members
  • Slightly adjusted loot tables for reward chests in both 5v5 and 10v10 Lethal Hellgates
  • Corrected an issue that caused the bonus from Infamy to not display
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Infamy from providing its full bonus in many cases
  • Added Fame to the chests received after successfully defeating opponents in PvP
Updated Guild/Party Chat Commands
  • Change: to invite a player to your guild, type /ginvite (formerly /invite)
  • Change: to kick a player from your guild, type /gkick (formerly /kick)
  • New command: to invite a player to your party, type /invite
  • New command: to kick a player from your party, type /kick
  • New command: to leave your current party, type /leave
  • A chat notification now appears when your party invitation is accepted or declined
Faction Warfare Changes
  • Added popup notifications for when new milestones are reached during Faction Campaigns
  • The alert status of an Outpost now escalates after its boss has taken a significant amount of damage
  • Faction Warfare Boss Changes:
    • Champion of Lymhurst:
      • Cooldown of Barbed Arrow: 7s → 6s
      • Cooldown of Multishot: 9s → 8s
    • Champion of Thetford:
      • Cooldown of Meteor: 7s → 9s
  • In order to give Faction Ranks a more meaningful progression and increase the rewards for loyalty to a Faction, bonuses now begin increasing earlier, and increase more steadily throughout all ranks. This will provide an increase to most players, with only ranks 18-21 receiving a slight reduction:
    • Rank 1: 0% (unchanged)
    • Rank 2: 0% (unchanged)
    • Rank 3: 0% (unchanged)
    • Rank 4: 0% → 5%
    • Rank 5: 0% → 5%
    • Rank 6: 0% → 5%
    • Rank 7: 0% → 10%
    • Rank 8: 0% → 10%
    • Rank 9: 0% → 10%
    • Rank 10: 0% → 15%
    • Rank 11: 0% → 15%
    • Rank 12: 0% → 15%
    • Rank 13: 5% → 20%
    • Rank 14: 10% → 20%
    • Rank 15: 15% → 20%
    • Rank 16: 20% → 20%
    • Rank 17: 25% → 25%
    • Rank 18: 30% → 25%
    • Rank 19: 35% → 25%
    • Rank 20: 40% → 25%
    • Rank 21: 50% → 30%
Other Changes
  • Logout times in non-lethal dungeons have been reduced to match their corresponding open-world zones (10 seconds for blue, 60 seconds for yellow). Logout times for dungeons in red and black regions are not affected by this change, and Faction Flagged players still take 60 seconds to log out in blue regions and dungeons.
  • Updated Hellgate loading screen
  • [MOBILE] Increased default and max font size for chat
Combat Balance Changes

Holy Staffs
  • Divine Intervention (Hallowfall):
    • Cooldown Reduction when healing an ally: 40% → 20%
    • Removed the Resistance Increase Buff
  • Toxic Reaction / Toxic Cloud (Pest Lizard):
    • The cloud now affects a maximum of 5 enemy targets
    • Becoming feared by the ability now triggers (and is properly reduced by) Diminishing Returns
  • Faction Warfare fixes:
    • Resolved an issue where flagged players took longer to log out in Marketplaces and Banks
    • Resolved an issue where weekly Prestige Rank Standings were calculated incorrectly
    • Faction Outposts now ignore players with invulnerability buffs as intended
    • Resolved an issue where weekly Faction Rewards unlocked one day earlier than intended
  • Re-added color to online/offline friend and guildmate notifications
  • Gathering Shoes and Hats now show the correct 5% buff (previously showed 2.5%)
  • Demonic Harbinger (Corrupted Dungeons) no longer interrupts "Spiteful Flames" with other spells, and does not move as much while casting
  • Fixed an issue where audio for Disembowel (Claws) would become stuck on a loop if interrupted
  • [MOBILE] Fixed an issue where the "Attack Closest Target" option could wrongly be enabled after restarting the game
  • [MOBILE] Fixed an issue where dragging items would interfere with window scrolling
  • Additional minor graphical, terrain, UI, and localization fixes

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Ranald0 wrote:

where is the rest Combat Balance Changes from NDA Balance Playtests ?
All the other changes from the NDA thread are planned for the next patch after this one. So very likely in patch 4.

The Hallowfall change will already go live earlier, because it is so expensive as a mandatory healing staff and to already improve the healer-situation on live, before the buffs of other healing staffs are finished.


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