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Posted by Stormlord 8 years ago

10101010111010101010011 slowly forms from a character generator and then when mixed with the human element of choice = a character is the name of Talos!! *thunder sound effect*

The Lord of fabulous pauses..

how does he move?, why is the fox nearly killing him (o wait he has a knife)...and booya! the foxy peep is dead

he moves to another city. it is a nice place and he think he'll cruise their for the duration of the alpha. "OOH" you can buy an island! *buys it* start building his explorers hut of epicness but it has levels!? need better goods ,better tools and yet their is so little time left (and so few functioning shops). but as a thunder lord he rides his oxen of manly THUNDER!! and succeeds

He sits on his island for awhile and gets bored quickly (must murder the npcs!!) *leaves island* finds the most difficult place he can handle and kills em "wow the grind is pleasant and satisfying" (how is this even possible!?) and it has a nice spread of mobs so if he can move easily into more difficult areas without travel

Stormlord enjoys the alpha, mabe hell start a guild in the next one or maybe just join an existing one

to be continued... :thumbsup:

(can not understand why he is still first page on this forum but will go one)

Posted by Korn 2 years ago (Source)

Stormlord wrote:

SirusX715 wrote:

The real question is if stormlord chooses his city or his ideals. With caerleon now officially fallen to bandits, what do you do?
I retreat into the shadows and plan for the returning glory of CL.
Methodical, careful planning

*starts another guild in confusion*
Welcome back :)

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