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Posted by Knuffeldraak 2 years ago

Yesterday I couldn't get online to catch up with Albion, but I knew a new referral programme reward was acquired.

Over all the past new referral rewards, I've always seen the gold price spike upwards by about 250 to 500 silver, depending on how demanded the reward is.

Until I suddenly saw the gold price today, it took a major tip to 2.000 silver each in the graphs, to even a massive dip of 1.000 each at midnight.

What the heck is going on???

Posted by Korn 2 years ago (Source)

Rainphase wrote:

There are people in this game with Billions of Gold. You can tank SBI for not banning the Thousands and Thousands of players that abused one of the update bugs affecting books and the laborers you used to be able to buy them all for a static price and people bought Hundreds and Hundred and Hundreds of thousands of T8 books then broke them down to actually Generate SIlver. or Just sold them over time on the market for the "new" price. During this time 10's or 100's of Billions of Silver were generated and "BANS" were issues but the players were eventually unbanned and nothing was taken away from them. This is how some players who didn't start from the beginning now have Millions to Billions of gold.
Hey there,

when issues like that happen, we generally take decisive action and recover ill-gotten gains and issue bans where appropriate. That is not just critical for the health of the game overall, but, in particular when it comes to gold, also for our business model.

On top of that, we always conduct a very thorough analytics of any impact on the overall game economy, and in each of these cases, the impact was absolutely minimal. (i.e. even *before* recovery, the total amount of silver arising from a particular exploit being just a small percentage of what the game generates normally per day), which becomes absolutely tiny after all the claw backs are done.

Finally, note that in your example, gold was not even affected, as the scenario you describe could be used to gain silver. That does not increase the amount of gold in the game.

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