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Posted by Equart 3 years ago

@Retroman I dont mind of nerf/rework...but not like this...
And if you will even add it, pls take into account that people might abuse it in large scale fights. (make limit on how many "shield" protection you can get)
So, basic shield mechanic is actually boring in my opinion. What if you will add bonus effect? For example you can reduce amount of absorbed (not 400 basic) dmg , but after your shield will be broken - you will deal dmg equal to Shields Health in AOE radius? P.S in this case make limit on how much target you can shield UP, and make a delay when this buff could be applied one more time on your allies.
Or something like this. Make some sort of unique mechanic , but pls , not boring shield for 3 seconds.

Posted by Retroman 3 years ago (Source)

Since some of you are wondering. The Current iteration of the Emergeny Shield still removed Dots. I added this to the NDA thread for clarification.


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