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Posted by TheBacon 3 years ago


So as it's known one of the biggest issues currently happening is how easy power projection is, zergs can be anywhere on the map and stage from anywhere on the map making the intended design of the current outlands to have more localized and smaller fights obsolete and benefiting mega-coalition type of ZvZ battle setup.

My idea is actually simple but it hits one of the core things of how current big powers power project:
  • Add a cool-down to set an hideout/rest as Home of once per 24/48 hours.

    A very standard thing for big powers is move their zergs through the map and go to a staging hideout or rest area to place multiple regears and stage from, allowing them to sustain a war front-line on the opposite side of the map from where they settle and they do this multiple times per day, this is an issue I'm sure the devs thinker around because the idea of making hideouts either fully public or simply only allow the owning guild/alliance to visit, this would not force that design change while still not allowing this aspect of power projection, if big powers go fight a frontline away from home then they will have to cope with a limited capability to regear and regroup vs the groups that settle there that is a realistic advantage/disadvantage war scenario that fights back power projection.

What about the realmgate home reset buff?
I think this one would not be a tricky one either, the game should be aware of the hideout/rest the player has set as their home and allow them to re-lock it as their home without a problem, simply meant to not allow players to set another place as home during that cooldown.

What do you guys think?

Posted by Korn 2 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

as a quick info, we are looking into these issues currently.

What we will likely do - as a first step - is to make changes to the make home system - either with a cooldown, or with a restriction to guild/alliance owned hideouts. Based on how that goes, we'd then take further steps as required.

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