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Posted by KickinMACHINE 2 years ago

@Retroman Have u seen any zvz in recent months? Have u watched any gvgs? Who is in ur NDA Balance team, cause i guess those people arent playing Albion neither. 5v5 meta is literally one of the worst of all times. There is literally 0 swaps - u play polehammer as a tank, carrioncaller as a melee and hallowfall as a holy healer.
I wont talk about zvz's meta cause its pointless, u wont change anything anyway, but lets talk about battle mounts:

Tower Chariot
  • Bonus Defense vs Players: 30% -> 60%
Have u ever consider how much is it? Have u seen the radius of the spell in game? Meanwhile ents are worst battlemounts ever and u wont do anything with them. U literally have 0 imagination when balancing stuff in the game. U're nerfing broadsword (yes, its a nerf overall) which isnt played for a quite long time already, The only good changes are tombhammer nerf and maces +knight boots boosts. But imagine how many items are there in the game that havent been played for 2 years or so already (Royal boots)? Will u ever try doing anything with them to make them playable anywhere? Its not that hard to try balancing those items small step by step with observing how the meta in game changes.

Posted by Retroman 2 years ago (Source)

Ok, guys.
The changes on the NDA thread are mostly old changes that have been made last month, before the majority of our staff was on christmas vacation. I am personally also just back from my vacation and will now start making adjustments to the kind of meta that has evolved over last month. We will do various changes and have accoridng playtests, so you can expect the thread to be updated a bit more frequently in the next days.

Changes on the NDA thread are not a complete patch and are merely a reflection of changes that are in our test builds at the moment, sometimes they are very WIP, experimental or even just a result of a technical clean up of some old abilities. The reason I put them out publicly for any test build we have, is just to make sure, internal playtesters can''t use any of the information on upcoming items to an economic advantage.

So in short summary, the changes to adress issues with the curent meta are not yet in. We are just now starting to work at those. We may already get a new test version today with the first batch of changes that are primarily targeted to imrpove the 5v5 meta. Other types of content will also be adressed and you can expect more updates of that thread in the upcoming days.


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