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Posted by Xermiz 2 years ago

I heard that they plan to nerf the HCE soon because it makes a lot of silver and when albion online going to free mode is not generating as much as it should to the company.
For which I bring you my humble suggestion to improve your business model.

1. Create a section in the market where players can buy their items with a paypal card from other players who would receive payment on their respective paypal cards, from which sandbox would charge a % tax to their own paypal thus obtaining small profits for a item but good fortune for all items traded daily.

2. Create a market system for Skins. You as a company have only released 2 complete sets of skins in a year, which is economically deficient for a free to play company, the problem lies in the speed that these skins create and put on sale. For which I propose the following: to create a skin market for game designers where anyone can download the standard model of a character in albion online and create a skin or set of it, the same for mounts and weapons. Then albion has to have two ways ahead, one is to buy the skin from the creator for example at 2000usd the collection and then sell it to the company in its skin market at 20. or A second option to sell the designer's skin in your skin market within of the game but charging the designer a percentage for each sale made.

Many players will support this development and the company will grow much more, although they will have to work on some balance sheets and predictions of the impact on the game itself, but the gains will be considerable.

I hope my suggestion is helpful to you, growing together with your players will benefit you more than fighting alone.

Posted by Korn 2 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

as a more general note, what usually happens if we re-balance the silver economy (such as in the upcoming HCE change) is that the in-game price of gold drops significantly. As a result, the cost for premium - when paid with silver - will also drop. That's actually one of the main reasons why we want to make sure that the silver economy remains balanced and healthy.

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