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Rise of Avalon Patch 11

Season 10 Winner Statue

The new statue honoring the winners of Guild Season 10, Black 0rder, has been added to Conquerors' Hall. Visit the hall in all major cities and see Albion's current and past champions!

Economic Changes

Some of the recent changes to Hardcore Expeditions and the Black Market have led to an influx of Silver into the game economy. To ensure the value of player Silver and overall stability of the player economy are preserved, we are making the following adjustments:

Hardcore Expeditions

  • High-level Hardcore Expeditions have, in general, been too rewarding compared to other group activities.
  • To address this, loot and Silver rewards have been reduced for Hardcore Expeditions above level 7.
  • This will decrease the rewards overall by about 25% over all levels, with lower levels being affected less than higher levels.
Satchels of Insight

  • The change that introduced an item value to Tomes of Insight has been reverted, as their value on the Black Market was increasing too quickly for lower tiers, which in turn generated too much Silver overall.
  • Drop chances of Satchels of Insight have been adjusted to be about equal to that of normal bags.
To offset these changes somewhat, and to incentivize players venturing into the open world more, we are making the following adjustment:

Group Randomized Dungeons

  • All Silver and loot rewards have been increased by about 10% from both mobs and chests. (Note: Static Group Dungeons will be addressed further in a later patch.)
Taken as a whole, these changes will reduce the overall influx of Silver into the game economy and increase its stability.


  • Corrupted Dungeon traps now deal differing amounts of damage based on dungeon difficulty level
Combat Balance Changes

  • Morgana Raven (Carrioncaller):
    • Healing Reduction: 40% → 30%
Frost Staffs
  • Frozen Crystal (Chillhowl):
    • Cast Range: 15m → 12m
  • Separator (Quarterstaff):
    • Root Duration: 3s → 2.5s
    • Mobs in a 6m radius around the main target are now knocked in the air for 0.9s
    • Using against mobs no longer puts you at the top of their aggro list

  • "Sell Order Completed" mails from the Black Market now always clearly state that they originated from the Black Market (previously would sometimes say "Caerleon Marketplace")
  • Fixed an issue where the Fast Travel UI dropdown would not work when selecting filtered elements
  • Corrected an issue where multiple players using Self Ignition (Specter Jacket) in one area dealt no damage - damage now affects enemies in overlapping areas but without stacking the damage, as intended
  • Web ability of Goliath Horseeater now slows for the full 20 seconds as intended
  • Disabled Morgana Nightmare, Spectral Bonehorse, and Rageclaw during Crystal League matches as intended
  • Fixed an issue where Royal Banner (Royal Jacket) did not buff the caster while active when more than 5 allies were present
  • Fixed an issue where Deathward Climax (Boltcasters) did not activate the purge of Purging Shield (Mage Robe)
  • [Mobile] Roads Of Avalon portals on the map and minimap can now be pressed to show their tooltip as intended
  • Additional graphical, animation, audio, terrain, and localization fixes

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Ashoracky wrote:

PrintsKaspian wrote:

Corrected an issue where multiple players using Self Ignition (Specter Jacket) in one area dealt no damage - damage now affects enemies in overlapping areas but without stacking the damage, as intended
Could you please tell us the details? What if, for example, one player has Muisak and other items with damage modifiers that boost his specter damage and the other got 0 damage modifiers? Which player will deal damage to the enemy?Considering the specter is used mostly for ZvZs with lifesteal food we need to know what player will get burnt to death to somehow prevent it.
The first area hitting the enemy, will keep dealing damage. If a second area starts to hit the same enemy, the second area won't deal any damage. Independent of which area deals more damage, the first to hit will keep dealing damage.


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