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Hello Albion Community,

Here is a more detailed breakdown of how the Skipping of Overcrowded clusters works. Just to make sure all guilds know all the details before the start of Season 11. :)

When a cluster is overcrowded the Smart Cluster Queue activates in it. If a player tries to enter the overcrowded cluster he gets a pop menu, where he get the following options:
[*]Queue for the cluster (See Manual Cluster Queueing )
[*]Or Skip the overcrowded cluster and jump to a connected cluster.
Skip Overcrowded Cluster Basics

[*]When clicking on Skip Cluster, you get a selection of all connected clusters
[*]After you selected one of the clusters you will be teleported to that connecting entrance of that cluster
  • Upon arrival you receive the regular shield bubble, like if you had moved to another cluster via an exit
  • After arrival You won't be able to skip the overcrowded cluster again for 30s
[*]You can either Queue for a cluster or skip it. You can't do both at the same time. You can however Skip a cluster and directly Queue from the new entrance again
Skipping Multiple Clusters

[*]If the selected cluster is also overcrowded, you get a selection of all the connected clusters for that overcrowded cluster too
  • This way you can skip two or more connected overcrowded clusters
  • All the Basics from above also apply when skipping multiple clusters


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