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Rise of Avalon Patch 10 / Season 11 Patch

20v20 Crystal League Battles

With Guild Season 11, 20v20 Crystal Realm battles will be available with their own seasonal league. Details:
  • Levels 1 and 2 20v20 tokens can be bought at the Energy Manipulator for 150,000 and 300,000 Silver respectively
  • The signup process and match schedule follow a similar pattern to the 5v5 League
  • However, matches will have the same ruleset and similar map layout to the former 20v20 city fights
Due to the high number of players needed per match, these fights will be less frequent (all times UTC):
  • Level 1: daily at 01:00, 12:00 and 19:00 (non-lethal)
  • Level 2: daily at 01:30, 12:30 and 19:30 (Lv.2 and above are full loot)
  • Level 3: every Saturday at 12:00 and 19:00 and every Sunday at 01:00
  • Level 4: every second Saturday at 12:30 and 19:30 and every second Sunday at 01:30
  • Level 5: 3 Saturdays over the course of the season at 17:00
  • The final Level 6 match will take place on the last Saturday of the season at 18:00
For full details of Season Points, Item Power, and lethality, see this forum post:

City Fights will no longer take place, and guilds will no longer be able to control cities. Guilds with Town Hall storage chests when the patch is deployed may retrieve their items from the corresponding City Bank "Recovery" tab.

Siege Camps will also be removed from the game, and items in their chests will move to the following locations:
  • Outlands Siege Camps: these have been replaced with new Outlands Banks. Items can be recovered from these banks for free, but creating a new usable tab in them requires the usual Silver fee.
  • Royal Continent Siege Camps: items can be retrieved from the Recovery tab at the Bank of Caerleon.
Crystal League Season Points and Daily Point Limits
In Season 10, mid-level Crystal League matches gave too many Season Points, making it possible to dominate a season primarily by winning these matches. Season Points for these matches have been decreased for Season 11:
  • Level 3: 25→ 15
  • Level 4: 75→ 40
  • Level 5: 200→ 100
  • Level 6: 500→ 250
  • Level 7: 1000→ 600
  • Level 8: 2500→ 1600
Additionally, there is now a daily limit for Season Points earned from the Crystal League. This limit makes it less desirable to accumulate elite Crystal League teams in one guild and instead creates an incentive for top teams to spread across various guilds.
  • Daily limit varies based on which match types are available on a given day
  • Daily limits for 5v5 and 20v20 are independent and separate from each other
For further details, see this forum post:

Smart Cluster Queue Changes

When a cluster is overcrowded and the Smart Cluster Queue activates, players can now either join the queue or skip over the overcrowded cluster entirely. Additionally, the distance players can move away from the entrance before being kicked from the queue has been greatly increased, allowing queued armies to spread out further and avoid being ambushed by players leaving the main battle.

Season Point and Castle Scoring Changes

  • Castle scoring now starts at 00:00 UTC regardless of a zone's prime time
  • Castles give Season Points every 6 hours
  • Castle Outposts give season points every 3 hours
  • Castle Chests appear on Saturdays at 12:00 and 18:00 UTC and Sundays at 00:00 UTC
  • Castle Outpost Chests appear every 6 hours
  • Season Point payouts have been scaled accordingly
World Boss and Homebase Changes
  • Fame for all Elite mobs in World Boss zones (Homebases), including for World Bosses themselves, has been massively increased
  • World Bosses now spawn once per hour instead of once per day
  • Other elite mobs in Homebases respawn approximately 30 minutes after being killed
  • Season Points awarded from World Bosses have been adjusted accordingly:
    • Tier 7: 40→ 12
    • Tier 8: 50→ 15
  • Defeating a major World Boss (Demon Prince, Earthmother or Harvester) now grants an hour-long buff that increases Fame gained from killing mobs within the same cluster by 20%. The buff is limited to 20 allied players, and is lost upon dying, changing zones, or logging out.
  • The following Homebase zones are now better defended (Elite encounters are now tougher, and former Veteran encounters have been upgraded to Elite):
    • Undead: Camlann, Black Monastery, Unhallowed Cloister, Deathreach Priory
    • Keeper: Inis Mon, Eye of the Forest, Eldersleep
    • Morgana: Astolat, Citadel of Ash, Wailing Bulwark, Daemonioum Keep
Stats for Elite mobs in Homebases have been raised as follows:

Lower Elite mobs
  • Fame: +320%
  • Damage: +90%
  • Health: +100%
  • Armor: +50%
Standard Elite mobs
  • Fame: +430%
  • Spell Damage: +30%
  • Health: +100%
  • Armor: +50%
  • Fame: +220%
  • Damage: +10%
  • Spell Damage: +20%
  • Health: +50%
  • Armor: +100%
Rare Bosses
  • Fame: +580%
  • Damage: +10%
  • Spell Damage: +20%
  • Health: +10%
  • Armor: +100%
Additional Homebase adjustments:
  • All Homebases:
    • Adjusted the staging of mob groups and added more variety
    • Removed some mob groups to reduce density and avoid accidently pulling multiple groups

  • Keeper Homebases:
    • Druids no longer appear in pairs
    • Elite versions of Keeper Bear and Keeper Earthchild may now appear with the World Boss
    • Keeper Axe Thrower attack range: 15m→ 9m
    • Keeper Knifeling attack range: 15m→ 12m
    • Elite Keeper Axe Throwers use stronger versions of their regular spells and a new Jump attack
    • Elite Keeper Druids now use a lightning explosion that knocks close enemies away
    • Elite Keeper Seers' Lightning spell damage increased significantly
  • Morgana Homebases:
    • Fewer encounters with double mages, none with triple mages
    • Elite versions of the Morgana Raven and Morgana Molten Demon may now appear with the World Boss
    • Attack range of Morgana Cultists: 14m→ 15m
    • Attack range of Morgana Squires: 11m→ 12m
    • Attack range of Morgana Crossbowman: 11m→ 9m
    • Elite Morgana Soldiers now also use the same Jump spell they use in Randomized Dungeons
    • Elite Morgana Cultists now also use the Demonic Sickle spell, throwing a projectile that flies in a straight line and then returns
    • Elite Morgana Knights now use Shield Charge to knock enemies into the air
  • Undead Homebases:
    • Elite version of the Undead Knight may now appear with the World Boss
    • Attack range of Undead Archers: 11m→ 15m
    • Attack range of Undead Mages: 11m→ 9m
    • Elite Undead Archers now Enrage on low health, significantly increasing their damage and knocking close enemies away, and firing their Poison Arrow as a fanned-out volley
    • Elite Undead Ghouls now select a target and jump at it, inflicting high damage
    • Elite Undead Shades no longer drain energy, and instead select a target and teleport behind it - their normal attack damage is lower but now deals splash damage as well
    • Elite Undead Mages now use stronger Frost Bombs in quick succession
Distances Between Castles Increased
Minimum travel distances between Castles in the Outlands have been increased by removing some zone connections and passageways and creating others. All Castles are now at least 4 zones apart, making it more challenging for a single guild to defend numerous castles at once.

Players in the following zones (as well as any deleted passageways) when the patch is deployed will be moved to the nearest entrance:
Drownfield Course, Drownfield Sink, Longfen Marsh, Longfen Arms, Runnelvein Sink, Deathwisp Bog, Black Monastery, Driftwood Glen, Eldersleep, Rivercopse Fount, Sunfang Ravine, Sunfang Cliffs, Sunstrand Shoal, Skysand Ridge, Citadel of Ash, Wailing Bulwark, Daemonium Keep, Murdergulch Gap, Razorrock Passage, Razorrock Edge, Razorrock Chasm, Razorrock Gulch, Stonemouth Bay, Stonemouth Southbluff, Thunderrock Ascent, Highstone Mound, Avalanche Ravine, Avalanche Incline, Iceburn Firth, Iceburn Peaks, Iceburn Tundra, Glacierfall Canyon, Flammog Valley, Everwinter Expanse, Glacierfall Pass, Glacierfall Fissure

Other Changes
  • Timers for point scoring and treasures in Castles and Castle Outposts now display as both countdown timers and absolute time (in UTC)
  • Damage of some boss spells in Hardcore Expeditions can no longer be reflected to make these fights more balanced
  • Corrupted Dungeons: Cleaned up projectile indicators for Demonic Warlock and Demonic Underlord
  • Visually polished the ability Divine Intervention (Hallowfall): removed unnecessary buff icon during the jump, added visual effects for the cooldown reduction
  • Added social tab to Options, moved profanity filter and chat channel settings to it
  • Added font and background slider to chat flyout settings
Combat Balance Changes

Arcane Staffs
  • Magic Shock (all Arcane Staffs):
    • Damage: 125→ 150
  • Mimic (all Arcane Staffs):
  • Energy cost to mimic the ability: 3→ 0
    • Time Window to cast the mimicked ability: 8s→ 20s
    • Casting on self (or Arcane Staff) now mimics the ability Magic Shock on the W-slot (allows Magic Shock on Q and W slots with separate cooldowns)
  • Added new Q-slot ability: Rending Rage (all Axes):
    • Unleashes a series of attacks hitting enemies up to 3 times in a cone in front of you. Each hit deals 50 physical damage. On the third hit, leap up to 9m forward and root enemies hit for 1s. After the third hit the ability will go on cooldown. If you wait for 3s between attacks the Rage times out and begins with the first hit again, in which case the ability does not go on cooldown.
  • Rending Strike (all Axes):
    • Standtime: 0.3s→ 0.2s
    • Hit Delay: 0.2s→ 0.15s
  • Vampiric Strike (Battleaxe):
    • Cooldown: 15s→ 10s
    • Hit Delay: 0.4s→ 0.3s
    • Standtime: 0.8s→ 0.4s
    • Energy cost: 18→ 12
    • Damage: 136.01→ 150
  • Auto-attack (Bear Paws):
    • Auto-attacks per second: 0.8→ 1.4
    • Auto-attack Damage: 56→ 32
  • Aftershock (Realmbreaker):
    • The cone area now doesn't reduce Max Energy anymore
    • The cone instead now reduces enemy max health by 20% for 3s
    • Debuff Duration: 3s→ 5s
  • Caltrops (all Crossbows):
    • Replaced the damage-over-time effect (was 4 ticks, each dealing 14.38 damage)
    • Instead it now instantly deals 34 physical damage
  • Auto-attack (Forge Hammers):
    • Auto-attacks per second: 0.8→ 1.4
    • Auto-attack Damage: 49→ 28
Nature Staffs
  • Rejuvenating Breeze (all Nature Staffs):
    • Cast Range: 12m→ 9m
  • Mystic Rocks (Staff of Balance):
    • Heal Reduction: 30%→ 35%
  • Spirit Spear (all Spears):
    • Auto-attack Damage Increase: 30%→ 40%
  • Impaler (all Spears):
    • Damage: 140→ 155
  • Heroic Charge buff (all Swords):
    • Movement Speed & Attack Speed Increase: 12%→ 9%
  • Heroic Strike (all Swords):
    • Standtime: 0.3s→ 0.2s
    • Hit Delay: 0.2s→ 0.15s
  • Majestic Smash (Kingmaker):
    • The first AoE swing now also deals 44 physical damage
  • Magic Rune (Royal Robe):
    • Cooldown: 60s→ 40s
    • Buff Duration after leaving the area: 2s→ 5s
    • Hit Delay: 0.4s→ 0s
    • Standtime: 0.4s→ 0s
  • Energy Drain (Royal Armor):
    • Cooldown: 60s→ 30s
    • Hit Delay: 0.4s→ 0s
    • Standtime: 0.6s→ 0s
    • Duration: 8s→ 6s
    • Enemy Energy loss per second: 3.6→ 2.5
    • Ally Energy gain per second: 3.6→ 5
    • Stolen energy is now distributed to allies within 15m
  • Smart Cluster Queue prompts no longer close when opening Fullscreen UIs such as the World Map
  • Resolved an issue where Demonic Harbinger would sometimes lose aggro when its dash attack ended near a wall
  • Numerous additional graphical, animation, audio, terrain, and localization fixes

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That was an oversight with the off season setup.

We changed that and soon the daily level 2 matches will be available in the off season as well.

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