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In our newest Dev Talk, Game Director Robin Henkys discusses major improvements coming to Faction Warfare and Hellgates with the next content update:

Note that this video includes subtitles for all our supported languages. You can also read a written summary here:…ment-update-november-2020

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glokz wrote:

So to sum up, we invest more into non-lethal pvp, balancing that with red-zones faction fights pvp and going even deeper into instanced PvP (HG's).

It's not me downing your development, but once again I want to express my concerns regarding state of black zone open world pvp. We do not see any comments regarding hideout updates, which I hope to bring back balance to the reward vs risk of black zone activities.

With the roads, hideout home system and so much instanced content (hce,hgs,corrupteds,cgvg) open world feels mostly empty. The only hot zones are around portal maps which is kinda overwhelming for small groups / solo players and discourage them to enter vastly empty black zone territories. The same for roads, even with such a huge population it feels empty in terms of small scale pvp, the number of road maps could be greatly reduced to improve situation.

Tl;dr having more content means the player base will split, and you might have record-breaking population but part of the game might be dead. Whenever someone is running HCE, corrupted dungeons or faction fights, he's missing from black zones which are in my opinion (After roads implementation) way too big (and still controlled by mostly one alliance regardless of it's huge size)
Hey @glokz

when composing our updates, we generally strive to cover multiple aspects at the same time - but as each update is limited in scale, it does mean that each update will have some focus points.

So, for example, the Queen update had an extremely heavy open world / Outland focus. Throughout Queen, we said that we'd tackle the Royal continent next, which hasn't happened in Rise of Avalon (as that had the Roads (mid scale open world) and corrupted dungeons (open world based but instanced) as it's main features). Now when it comes to the next update, through faction warfare, which can probably be called the lead feature, it is 100% open world based - this time, it's the Royal continent though. And while there will be non-lethal FW, the lethal FW part will get a massive upgrade as well.

When it comes to the update that comes after S-Update (exact name to be announced), it's very likely that it will have a significant focus on the Outlands again.

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