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Posted by Neesh 2 years ago

I'm making this post because I hate censorship in all forms. I understand that there is an optional word filter that you can activate at will (spoiler related), however even deactivated some words are still censored.

This is a game that is founded on player's freedom. I want my free speech back. Free speech means that I can say anything I want, however I must face consequences for it if I break the rules, being that consequence any sanction that SBI could apply to me: muting, banning, etc. and any of that sanctions, if another player report me will be fair, because that's on the terms of services. But what it's not fair is to have a list of words that are censored even if I turn the filter off. That's just plain censorship.

By the way, this is what I think about this:

Edit: If you wonder, I just want the "optional" filter to be really optional. Also, if you want to see how people who are supposed to be against insults treat me just because of my opinion, please read all the thread!

Posted by Talion 2 years ago (Source)

Hattenhair wrote:

Optional filter is not optional part
Because the optional, extended, part is what was added.

The hard filtering for some words that are not acceptable under any circumstances has been in place for nearly two years. So, nothing new, nothing in the patch notes.


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