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Posted by Nurture 3 years ago

My main income is crafting T6 Satchels, I have 2 accounts with relatively high spec in satchel crafting and was optimistic prior to the Brimstone Patch. It was only logical right? T6 maps cost on average 21k prior to the patch and they would be switched out with Tomes of Insight which cost approximately 30k a piece, therefore T6 satchels would be the only satchel that would end up costing more to craft post patch. So if the item costs more to craft, the price would have to go up right?
Wrong. Somehow the T6 Satchel market has plummeted to the point where you actually lose money if you craft them with focus.... Tomes have stayed the same price and the materials haven't moved but the average price of a T6 Satchel has dropped to 49k in markets (from 62-65k) and worst of all; The Black Market price has dropped to 40k (wtf) from 75-85k.
It made no sense so I did a little digging, I realized that prior to the patch the Black Market was buying 400-800 T6 Satchels an hour... now they buy 30-80 an hour.
This also wasn't a slow trend, the T6 Satchel market had actually been on the rise, coming all the way up to 89k a couple days ago. This was an overnight slap in the face to all T6 Satchel crafters with no sense behind it. I would have loved for SBI to said something if they decided to rework the BM but this made me lose tens of millions overnight since I had been holding onto all the T6 Satchels I had crafted over the last week since in my mind the prices had to go up since the cost of crafting the item went up... I guess not.

And now I'm just depressed :((

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

Hi all,

thanks for the report.

This is an unintended consequence of the recipe change. The recipe change lowered the "Item value" of satchels, that means that every time the BM rolls a satchels, the amount of silver added to the buy order is also lower.

This will be fixed.

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