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Posted by Yiotoo 3 years ago

I have played several games in my life, but in this game I saw the dev very active in the forum and the community. They reply and read ours posts, they interview the people of community.

Of course many people will be frustrated about the changes, cause we love the game, and we are emotionally attached to the gameplay.

The devs try to fix, some times they makes mistakes, in begin of queen update, with new black zone I was pretty pessimistic, about the ganks for transport, and it was really bad, since the portals was too close, but they listened the community and putted avalonian roads for transport. I was thinking the same about diving, we can not dive anymore with 90s of solo dungeon, but I can "dive" in avalonian roads on the chests. And many others things. It is not a perfect game, but it is a great game!

There are several posts with complain, I want to make this one for compliment for the devs, and later in future I am sure, if I survive to the covid-19 thing and many others end of world, I will make many others posts with complain about many others things about the game! Because I am human and I love this game :)

keep listening the community

thx dev

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

Thanks for the kind words :)

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