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Posted by Satyrns 3 years ago

So the NDA Balance Playtest thread shows that yet again instead of re-working certain item, you completly trash it into the abyss.

  • Emergency Heal (Guardian Helmet)
    • The Healing value now doesn't scale with healing modifiers anymore
    • Heal Value: 10% -> 12% -> 10%
    • Replaced the percentage healing with a flat 150 healing, independent of the caster's max health (this also doesn't scale with healing modifiers)
    • Cooldown: 30s -> 40s

Healing Potions
  • The Healing value now doesn't scale with healing modifiers anymore
  • Healing Duration: 15s -> 10s (Heal Value per second stays unchanged, so the total healing output is reduced)

Of course, it's not an 100% upcoming change, but the mindset behind this is... outrageus, to say the least.
Why are you trashing guardian helmet? If this update comes through, tell me, who will ever use this helmet, instead of lets say, soldier helmet? Why are you, developers, instead of re-working item, completly destroy it?
Who will use guardian helmet, to heal 150HP?

I do agree, it needed nerf, but this is toooooo much.
And yes, dagger's 2Q energy increase is good, but won't affect 1h dagger players as much, as they do not look for long fights, most of time, and still can reset and regain energy.
You are punishing the ratters with this, and that's great. But nerfing guardian helmet so, so much, and barely touching daggers, wth??

Posted by Retroman 3 years ago (Source)

This is meant as a short term solution to adress the current Corrupted Dungeon meta in the next patch. The Guardian Helmet is a strong candidate for an overhaul in the next big combat patch.

One more thing to keep in mind is the 150 is the base healing value which scales with Item Power. So a 8.3 Guardian Helmet still heals for 300.


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