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Posted by Mytherceria 3 years ago

Hi everyone,

We've been receiving a bunch of requests to approve third party programs that serve as a mapping and GPS tool for the Roads of Avalon. These programs enable players to map the roads and/or find an optimal route through them, which in turn, gives players who use the program a direct advantage (which is also PvP relevant) over others. As it falls under the first bullet point of our thread on third party software, this is clearly not allowed:

Mytherceria wrote:

Hey there,

Sometimes cheat makers claim that their tools are allowed. Don't believe them. We want to make sure you are aware what additional tools you are allowed to use and which not. The following is most definitely not allowed:
  • Anything that gives you a direct benefit in PvE, gathering, or PvP is not allowed. For example, this includes any type of auto-inspect tool or any type of radar tool that displays the in-game nametags on a separate minimap. It would also include any type of "auto-scouting" tool that generates a discord message if it spots a player or something like that.

Please refrain from using such tools, as this will be considered as a bannable offence.

- Mytherceria & Support Team

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

here is a small clarification.
  • It is of course allowed to manually note down zone names and put them into a spreadsheet. Those notes can of course also be shared with other players. Manually literally means that you as a person make a manual note into a spreadsheet / on a piece of paper when you see the information on your screen, without the assistance of any special tool or software
  • What is not allowed is any sort of tool, script or mechanism that automatically extracts / gets the zone names and/or connections

In case you are not sure if what you / your guild is doing is in line with the above, please contact our customer service.

hypnoCodeDec 29th, 2020 at 10:15pm

I created which is a publicly available private mapping tool that uses Discord auth.

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