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Posted by Franktic 3 years ago

This is just a question because i feel that the loot in dungeons went down hard.

In 2 hours of farmer T8 dungeons i didn't even get a single item. Even in T8.2 maps i used 4 and i got 1 item drop from a monster.
I was earning more money in a blue HG... (which shouldn't happen). I mean compare a T8 dungeon with a basically T4 HG which you cant drop your items.

Is it my imagination or did they realy lower the drop rates. I have been talking to more people and they think the same. I mean farming almost 2 hours and only getting one map is abit too low for the max tier dungeon if you ask me

I could just be unlucky these past 3 days but i am hearing the same from alot of other people

Posted by Eltharyon 3 years ago (Source)

Hey everyone,

we did not consciously make any changes to dungeon loot. The introduction of corrupted dungeons should not make a difference, since loot from the black market is not reserved for a particular kind of content. Instead it is dropped wherever people are active (obviously scaled to the value of the activity).

Please note that this question gets asked after every update we make. This is due to perception bias: out of hundreds of thousands of players, it is normal that a certain percentage of players just get unlucky for the first few dungeons they clear after an update, just as its normal for some players to get very lucky. This leads to the perception that we've made a change. We've investigated many of these claims for previous updates with no results.

Sometimes, however, there are unintended bugs, so we'll look into this. Thanks for the report!

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