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Posted by Lolpetijn 3 years ago

I've been playing the new corrupted dungeons a lot recently and i'm just done with them.
untill something is changed it's pretty much unplayable so i got some ideas for changes to the corrupted dungeons.

Things that need to be changed:
  • Infamy.
  • Crystal killing/ratting
  • PvE
  • Traps

So the the fact that you lose 20% of your infamy is pretty much a crime in and of itself but when you consider that theres no semblance of matchmaking makes it so much worse.

For example: If have 40k+ infamy meaning i would lose 8k infamy if i die i still choose to invade people i'm risking a lot of infamy here for the chance to gain more and what happens i invade someone with 3k total infamy that means that if i fuck up i could lose 8k infamy but if i win i get 300 its ridiculous.

Solution: Either introduce a match making system based on your Infamy and have a chance to win close to as much infamy as you would lose or Lower the Infamy lost and have it be base values depending on your current Infamy.

Crystal Killing:

Due to the insane penalties of death we see a lot of rats in these dungeons who will just run and kill crystals without any problems and they get to keep their infamy, continue farming, and just waste other peoples time.
I understand where they're coming from as after i grinded for ages to get to the t8 dungeons i would end up dying to Traps or even just getting outplayed and i'd get kicked back to t6 to grind for another hour.
It's really frustrating so ratting is the easier solution, i mean why would i want to get punished for playing as intended? Still even the people who do play for PvP often kill the crystals without much hardship if they think they can't win.

Solution: Have less crystals on the map with more HP and give debuffs for killing them OR Add a channel to destroy the crystals that can be interrupted by dmg or cc.


I think we can all agree that the PvE is just a pain in the ass it's too much work for how little it rewards you when the majority of people that wanna do corrupted dungeons just wanna 1v1 other players

Solution: Lower their stats


I don't know about you guys but the traps just piss me off over half of my deaths are because i got unlucky with the spinning fire traps. Either that or its the scorpion mobs that infinitely pull you when you're trying to kite.

Solution: I'd say keep the bats/frogs they're a really cool addition and add a lot of outplay potential. but please for the love of god remove the random traps & add some form of cooldown on the scorpions pull.

If you have any other ideas or disagree with me on any points feel free to post about it in the replies.

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

just as a general heads-up, we are currently collecting all the feedback on corrupted dungeons and are evaluating all the data that we can gather on them on our end. Based on that, we'll be making adjustments and optimizations quickly.

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