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Hey everyone,

after reviewing the version on the test server we will adjust the split of the armor artefact specialization nodes a bit.


We will adjust it to make sure that players keep the same IP mastery bonus from the destiny board, they had before the patch. This means if you had the combined Armor Artefact Specialization Node on 100/100, the 5 split individual Armor Artefact Specialization nodes will be on 88/100. This way players keep the exact same IP mastery bonus for every artefact armor item.

Having Level 88 in the five split nodes has the exact same strength as the combined node on level 100 had before.

Comparison of the IP bonus per level:
Combined artefact node: 2 IP (main item) + 0.2 IP (cross bonus for all items) = 2.2
The 5 new artefact nodes: 2 IP (main item) + 0.5 IP (cross bonus from 5 nodes) = 2.5

Before the update with Level 100 you had 2.2 * 100 = 220 IP Bonus from the artefact node
Now after the update if all armors have level 88. you have 2.5 * 88 = 220 IP Bonus from the artefact nodes combined

This is how the calculation for the level of the new split looks like:
New Nodes Level= Old Node Level * (2.2/2.5) (rounded up)

We generally would like to prevent giving additional fame to the existing player base, because it makes it even harder for new players to keep up. However on the combat-side we can be a bit more lenient and give a few extra levels, to guarantee no player ends up with less Mastery Bonus after the update.

We will keep the current splitting of the fame values for crafting.

The reason is to simply make it less punishing for new players to catch up. While we understand that this means you will be a little less efficient in specific armor items, the existing crafters also had the big advantage to be able to fame this node up with the much cheaper artefact level 1 items. This is why we think the current implementation is the best compromise.

We inform you when we deploy the new split to the staging server, so you can have a look at the new values yourself.


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