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Posted by Hristov 3 years ago

The redistribution of points is beyond ridiculous !!! How come I leveled so much stuff to 400 just to find now all my artifacts at 83 ??? i DO NOT agree to have my points redistributed this way! People need to speak up!
Put the avalonian armors and weapons in separate trees and let ppl level them if they want... it is not fair to do it this way ... or atleast let people decide. I never play with the avalonian armors.
I think this is NOT OK! Anyone else?

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

we have discussed this just now and will change it.

This means that we will grandfather your old item power to all armors (i.e. if you have 100/100, you'd still be at 100/100 after the split)

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