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Posted by Yiotoo 3 years ago

In the example in

"This means if you have the Artifact Sword Combat Specialist at level 70, the Fame of that node will then be split evenly into the three new specialization nodes for the individual items: Clarent Blade, Carving Sword, and Galatine Pair. The new node for the Avalonian Sword would start at zero."
Clarent Blade (Rune) = 70
Carving Sword (Soul)= 70
Galatine Pair (Relic)= 70
Avalonian Sword (Avalonian) = 0

But how will it be for armor? Will they split? If no it is ok, but and if yes, how will it be?
if you have 70 in Artifact Robe Combat Specialist.
Druid Robe (Rune) = 70
Fiend Robe (Soul) = 70
Cultist Robe (Relic) = 70
Royal Robe (Royal Sigil) = 70 or 0?
Robe of Purity (Avalonian) = 70 or 0?

Posted by Retroman 3 years ago (Source)

Calesvol wrote:

Can we get a Dev clarification on this? @Retroman Based on the only information we have, it seems as though armor artifact specialization will be split between the 5 existing artifact armors into their own separate nodes post-update, and since the total fame required for this node today is 3X the basic item node instead of 5X, it stands to reason that post-update, these 5 new nodes will have less than 100 (most likely 83).

Is this the intended outcome?

Yes. The fame of the artifact armor node will be split across the 5 new nodes. This means if you have 100/100 in artfiact armor specialization now you will NOT have 100/100 in all new 5 nodes. But instead have each node filled up to maybe 80-ish (i would have to check the fame values to see where exactly you end up)


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