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Posted by Georg51 2 years ago

SBI Made a lot of promises about Queen, and every update it seemed that SBI was attempting to further make the game more balanced for smaller guilds - but I feel like we're at a point where we can admit that almost every single measure has failed miserably to that end.

1. Hideouts - what was supposed to be a bone tossed to smaller guilds to establish safety in the BZ's, where Territory control is based entirely on ZVZ now, ended up quickly becoming a bane to small guilds as the construction costs and their inability to defend them put them in a compromised position. This position meant that to place and keep a hideout, they would have to pay hefty rental fees to larger guilds, and agree to sometimes ridiculous rules and NAP's that made content in the BZ's for them very limited and unfun.

2. Zerg Disarray - I'm sure I don't need to elaborate on this one. Why SBI continues to try to put makeup on this turd is beyond my understanding. As soon as it was announced, everyone including GM's such as King Mojo and Gluttony all admitted that the big guilds/alliances would easily avoid/abuse this by splitting into smaller sections. The debuff has failed too and the fact that they continue to promote and change it shows a sheer lack of understanding on SBI's part of the futility of the matter.

3. Siphoned Drain/Fame Penalty - Another change that was easily avoided by large guilds/alliances by splitting into coalitions. Nothing to see here. Pointless change that did nothing.

4. Season Point/Siphoned Territory Storage - See number 3 above.

5. Cluster Que - So I really need to go on at this point?

I'd be interested to hear what everyone thinks in regards to this, because I wonder if I'm truly alone with my guildmates and friends in thinking this way. Because based on SBI's actions, it doesn't seem like they know how much they've missed the mark completely.

Also - I'll add possible solutions (or at least starting points) for each of the topics above:

1. Hideouts - Put a cap on tribute based on the zone tier and proximity to the center of the map. If a HO owner pays this tribute - their hideout cannot be attacked unless the territory owner pays the launch fee + all tribute paid for the last 7 days. Also - make Hideout permission access have 2 (AND ONLY 2) access settings - PUBLIC, or GUILD/ALLIANCE only. And limit changing this access level to 1-2 times a day.
2. Zerg Disarray - Just get rid of this garbage. If you want to lesson the "1-shot meta" then adjust the 1-shot weapons and damage escalation.
3. Siphoned Drain/Fame Penalty - Instead of this, just penalize guilds/alliances for launching attacks on territories held by guilds/alliances with significantly less current territories controlled as them. If Guild A which holds 6 territories launches an attack on Guild B which holds 1, then Guild A should pay 2x-3x more launch fee, plus Siphoned fee, to declare that attack. Do the same in the opposite manner for the smaller guild, but as a discount. In this scenario, Guild B pays half the normal launch cost to declare attacks on Guild A.
4. Terry Storage of Points/Siphoned - Not needed if my above suggestion is implemented.
5. Cluster Que - This one isn't easy. And Cluster Que is better than the zone locking we had before. My best suggestion is to HEAVILY PENALIZE ABUSERS!!!! Seriously SBI, grow a damn backbone and stop letting Syndic and Mojo walk all over your features and basically laugh at you while everyone else is annoyed and pissed off because you didn't see the abuse coming. Suspend these people who abuse your features, drop the damn hammer on them and then maybe things will get better.

Thanks for your time.


Posted by Korn 2 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

the next update will have a very strong focus on small scale gameplay and small guilds.

A key part of this are the Roads of Avalon:

These mystical paths through the mists form an ever-shifting network of roads which connect locations all across Albion, but they only let a limited number of players pass through an entrance at a time and each connection only lasts for a limited time. In this way, the Roads open up a vast number of different small scale gameplay options. As a solo player, you’ll be able to explore where they lead, discover valuable solo activities along the way, use them for transportation or share your scouted paths with your guild. You can also use the shortcuts through the mists to go directly from the Royal continent deep into the Outlands, avoiding the ganking at city portals altogether. Small groups will also find access points into the Roads, leading them to valuable group content inside or using the roads for travel. Finally, small guilds will even be able to settle in places available deep inside the mists, away from the competition in the Outlands and participating in this unique type of small scale gameplay.

We are developing a very sophisticated system of entrances, zones and "smart connections" between them that will essentially act as a filter for different group sizes within the roads, such that it becomes very likely - depending on which paths through the roads you take - that you meet groups of similar size to yours. Details on this will follow soon.

It will also be possible to set-up hideouts within the Roads of Avalon, and those will not be easy to raid / destroy for the current power blocks in the game as they are not really a part of the daily Outlands are and are not easy to get to in large numbers.

Finally, the Roads of Avalon will deal with any remaining portal camping issues. If you are a solo player or a small group, you'll be able to enter the Outlands through the Roads of Avalon instead.

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