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Posted by Gugusteh 3 years ago

ZvZ currently is a mess of debuffs and buffs
The 3 main are the following: disarray, AoE escalation, focus fire.

- disarray is abusable since it's only based on your alliance tag and people can drop to get around it.
It's basically saying, if you want to be efficient past a certain amount of players, you have to be able to deal with friendly fire.

- focus fire: the debuff is reducing the damages you take according to the number of players against you.
a 700IP healer has as much weight as a 1700IP bomber, the debuff resets too easily and it isn't reliable most of the time.
You know it's here, it can be super useful but can be also useless (especially in the "current meta" aka clapper meta)

- AoE escalation, making you hit more according to the number of ppl you hit, this one allows for insane amounts of damages dealt by clappers because god knows why it's not in the usual dmg bonus cap.

Then you have all the usual armor + mr, the "damage reduction vs players" that has different name on almost every spell. They are all softcapped of course.

So here is what I propose about that mess:

1st: Focus fire rework.

Focus fire should consider what kind of E / R ability affects a target and buff / debuff this target accordingly.
Here are the categories I propose:
- Damage
- Damage overTime
- Debuff
- Control
- Support
- Healing

  • If a player is affected by one of the 4 first categories of spells, he gets a buff with a fixed duration reducing the effect of all the other spells of the same category
  • If a player is affected by one of the last 2 categories of spells, he gets a debuff with a fixed duration reducing the effect of all the other spells of the same category
  • Each debuff and buff must have their own duration to prevent constant buff refresh / debuff drop.*
  • The UI would not show the remaining time of all the buffs / debuffs but would show the amount of stacks of each buff/debuff that each player currently has.
  • The buffs and debuff should scale according to the scale of fights that devs aim to achieve, as disarray is designed.

*If I get affected by 2 abilities, both give me a buff/debuff stack with an independant cooldown.

If a player gets hit by a damage spell, he gets a buff lasting x seconds reducing the damage taken by damage abilities by y%, if he gets hit by a damage overtime ability later, he gets a second buff reducing damages of damage overTime abilities by z%
If the player gets healed by one healer, he gets a debuff reducing his healing received by x%
If he gets buffed by a supportive spell (such as a judicator armor) he gets a debuff reducing the effect of other supportive abilities by y%

2nd: AoE Escalation changes.

  • AoE escalation should be included in the damage bonus cap to prevent clappers from being too powerful, the current cap is already pretty high but could required to be upped by 50% to allow for more flexibility.

3rd: About disarray:

  • If the 2 first points are met, disarray makes no sense anymore and could finally be removed. All the balance of disarray should be reported to focus fire.


This would definetly require a lot of work to tag all the E abilities and put in place such a system, It would also require a bunch of balancing afterwards, but in the end it would finally allow for more consistency in ZvZ and more transparency.

I Hope this is clear enough.

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

Hey there and thanks for the input.

We are currently considering the following:
  • Making AOE escalation weaker
  • Looking into the stacking up of bonus damage effects as these play a critical role in "one shot" builds. We don't mind strong engages as they are an important part of ZvZ balances, in particular when fighting outnumbered. However, in our view, they should usually not be one shots.
  • The disarray curve will be made flatter in the next patch. The goal here is to balance it in such a way that splitting will not feel mandatory any more once you hit a certain group size. The balance sweet spot for disarray is for it to be just strong enough for splitting because of it barely *not* making sense due to friendly fire and extra coordination being slightly more Impactful than the disarray debuff. It's important to be aware here that since we introduced disarray, we have seen large fights to be less about raw numbers than before - so all in all, disarray is working as intended here. This comes at the expense of there being workarounds - it's a trade-off. Without disarray, there wouldn't be workarounds, but at the same time, pure N+1 strategies would become much much stronger again. It is a trade-off, the sweet spot will be somewhere in the middle in our view.

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