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Posted by Jokerall 3 years ago

Apparently from the 31 of May Albion Online's steam version will not be available anymore on Geforce NOW, since alot of publishers have started removing their games from GFN for various business reasons, may i ask why is this happening SBI? Geforce NOW is letting players that have hardware issues (old hardware, bad fps etc) play your game and that otherwise wouldnt and thus only bringing you more players. I dont understand why this decision?

Edit: Valve just announced Steam Cloud Play and the first service that will be supported is Geforce NOW.

Posted by Talion 3 years ago (Source)

Hello everyone,

Albion Online was made accessible via GeForce Now in conjunction with Steam without our approval - and, since it was Steam only, it was available to only a fraction of our player base.

A situation where a service like GeForce Now is available only to a small part of our player base is one we don’t want. We are looking at the possibility of implementing GeForce Now into our native game client in the future.


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