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Posted by Itsmagic001 3 years ago

On my last Action i overbed on each of the plots i wanted. (In different city's)

Usual amount people bet on the plots i bet on was between 50-60 Million silver on average. I bet 65mil to 80 million (i just wanted the plots, to craft so i didnt care to pay extra 15 to 25 Million) and on exactly all the plots i bet on i got overbed by 5-10 Million each.

I lost every auction! (I bet 650 Million in total)

Funny enough all the plots next to the ones i bid were taken by predatz or hagging for the normal amount. Weird.... really a strange thing. I put in some time into that issue and a friend told me it actually not that hard to get the actual bids of players . Not sure how he meant it but would love the devs to take a look into it. Something just doesnt feel rightl... not sure no blaming mabey i was just super unlucky and they actualy lucked whit there random bids, but hard to believe that.

Again would love the devs to take a look into this matter.

Posted by MadDave 3 years ago (Source)

No, such a tool is not possible. When you bid on a plot that is between youand the server. No other client can see that communication.
Also, the server will never send information about other players bids to a player.The highest bid is only revealed after bidding is over.

As some of you have pointed out, any information sent to a client by thegame server can be extracted from client computers memory with the help of 3rdparty tools. Therefore it is an important online game design principle to onlysend information that the client really needs and is really going to show onscreen. We pay a lot of attention not to make any mistakes there.

Radars are also not really possible in Albion. The client can see a littlefurther than your screen; that is necessary so stuff does not suddenly ‘plop’into the screen. But we are talking about a very small distance.

Speed hacking is tricky; it’s basically possible in all MMOs to some extendsince you have to make a technical compromise between the game being 100% cheatproof and players still having a decent game experience with a slow / badnetwork connection. We have ways to detect and ban speed hackers, though.

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