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Posted by PrintsKaspian 3 years ago

Queen Patch 11 - Known Issues
  • Inventory is not accessible while using Marketplace or Black Market
  • Mail UI: The ‘Select All’ button does not work; i.e. you cannot delete messages or mark them as unread when using the ‘Select All’ option.
  • Android: The prompt to download the update from the old client is currently showing an outdated link - client must be downloaded directly from website. If you experience issues installing the APK, please uninstall the previous Albion Online version first
  • BitDefender may block the launch of the game for some users. If this occurs, disabling the program and enabling Windows Defender in its place may fix the problem.

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

Minotaro24 wrote:

dungeons are disappearing before you can complete them
Can you please clarify this? Did a dungeon kick you out while you were still inside or did a portal close in front of you before you could enter?

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