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Posted by BigRichard 3 years ago

Durability change is awful.

Can anyone explain how this is good for the game? Why is every item from a ZVZ now worth crafting instead of repairing? Are we just supposed to trash the loot and craft for cheaper, while filling books, and having a chance at a higher quality item? I understand the need for silver sinks, and I understand your desire for people to swipe their credit card, but this change does not align with your "everybody matters" stance. Major alliances and guilds can piss away gear no problem, but many guilds/alliances rely on a loot donation system that allows them to engage in large scale open world PVP.

I advocate for the removal of this change, as it's damaging to many guilds/alliances ability to engage in ZVZ. (which you've since made a core part of the game, so why do you keep implementing changes that only make it less and less possible to compete?), or at least be able to salvage damaged items for materials......

Also, the debuff and zone queue only actively encourage bringing more numbers. You've only added friendly fire for alliances and now make it nearly impossible to win a large scale ZVZ for smaller groups. Why do I have a larger debuff than a group of players 3x my size spread into multiple guilds? Why do I have a chance of getting queued out when my group is outnumbered 2, 3 or sometimes 4:1? These experiments are not working as intended, and they must to be reworked or removed.

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

Just as a clarification, the change does not impact trash rate, only durability loss.

Items don't trash from dura loss alone, they can at most go to 0 durability, but then can still be repaired.

That means that the looted items on average will return fewer resources if salvaged or cost more silver if repaired back to full durability.

Putting that into perspective through, to repair an item from 0% durability back to 100% costs 15 x the "Item Value" stat of that item.

The actual market prices for pretty much all items are significantly above that (with the exception of some under-used 4.0/4.1 items)

So what does this mean?
  • Winning large scale fights in the open world (i.e. your typical ZvZ) is still going to be extremely rewarding. The effective repair cost increase compared to the actual market value of the gear used is going to relatively small.
  • Ganking low gear players with a large group of attackers is going to be less profitable than it is right now. This constitutes an incentive for gank groups to be smaller, with the goal of creating more evenly matched small scale PvP fights.

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