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Posted by Exzodeus 3 years ago

This is my first time making a post, and this is just ridiculous in the gaming industry. I've experienced this type of thing in many games, especially in MMORPS's. But Albion Online is what they say a purely driven game BASED off of the community and their actions. Seeing gambling, scams, and buying silver from other 3rd party websites is ruining this game. Sure, maybe you want to top up your balance or help boost your in-game status; there are many other ways to do so. Using these sites to achieve goals isn't only cheating your own experience it also shifts the community into a lazy path. I've watched Albion grow from the very beginning and finally got my hands on it during Alpha. I enjoy this game a lot and I'm sure many of you do too. If this sort of behavior continues then this game truly will die. A website I would like to point a finger at today is - - here you will find people using Siphoned Energy as a website currency for gambling. This is against TOS (4.5.1) and is illegal in many countries involving their promotion. I will list some people I've seen active on their Discord and also using main accounts. I've also put notable guilds alongside some of their names. This isn't to put a dark light on those guilds, but to help influence leadership from them to take action against it.

~Some Staff I've Seen
Tehbeardedgamer (Video Creator for the Website)
SirVictorian (Moderator)

TeenWizarth | Part of Final Order 66
matisse2906 | Part of Fricks

Posted by Talion 3 years ago (Source)

Hello everyone,

Gambling is a bit of a tricky topic, one in which nobody can win (pun intended).

So here’s our stance:
With the next patch, dropping on May 5th, there will be an explicit rule making it clear that gambling and games of chance are not allowed, to avoid any confusion. However, considering the fact that this kind of activity is considered illegal in certain jurisdictions, we already consider it a violation of our T&C and have to step in.

I also posted this here: Regarding Casinos / Gambling / Games of Chance


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