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Posted by Fubah 3 years ago

Well, IMO, this dissaray update after Patch 7, had a good intention but alot of guilds / alliances exploit this "new feature" i will use for example:

Before Patch 7 [POE] had about 4.000 members, they did mass purge and reduced their numbers for (right now, 03/25/20) :

xPOE - 728
POEST - 320
POEBL - 257
POE - 484
POEbr - 253
OrdemDosAssassinos - 260

TOTAL = 2302 members

If you see these numbers, they have divided an alliance into 4 other alliances and a solo guild, which have a "non-aggression pact" and share all the Hideouts to all members in this coalision.

Right now, after Patch 8, if [BEE] my alliance gets a contingent of 60 players (I'm being optimistic here) and faces an POE attack, and they came with :

xPOE - 20
POEST - 20
POEBL - 20
POE - 20
POEbr - 20
OrdemDosAssassinos - 20

Look, if they want, they can easily bring much more than that, but there is no need.

Lets face the facts here,


60 Vs 120

All Bee Members will be outnumbered by 2 per 1 and will be debuffed by: 30%

ALL POE COALISION members will not be affected by any kind of Dissaray, only for healing sickness.

I know guys, they need to have a very high level of organization, to coordinate this type of attack and they have already proved that this is possible, but think with me, a territory has more than two access entrances, facilitating this organization.I don't want to take their credit, but let's face it, the current situation is that they just don't dominate everything just because they don't want to. The game is simply out of competition, at least in Lymhurst's Lock. so much so that other guilds, from other portals, often come here seeking for content with the POE, because apparently there must be something similar happening there.

I would like to hear your opinions about, and what could be done to alleviate this situation, any tactics of war or update in the game, is welcome.

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

with a mechanic such as disarray, alliances / guilds always have the choice betweeen a) suffering the drawback of the debuff b) doing a work-around and suffering the drawback of the workaround.

One of the goals of today's disarray chance was to reduce the incentives for workarounds somewhat, while still making sure that disarray overall is effective.

We'll keep monitoring the disarray "workaround meta" going forward. We consider the balance to be in a good place if the strength of disarray is such that most of the time, a workaround is not worth it. If workarounds become too common, we'd conclude that disarray is too strong, if they never get done - no matter the group size - we'd consider disarray to be too weak.

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