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Posted by ManicReaper 3 years ago

So currently I've noticed that when gathering, you do not get the correct amount of Fame XP. I will show you with screenshots below.

As I understand, Each Tier Item is worth X amount of Fame XP per unit as seen below.

Screenshot 1 shows gathering 1 Unit of Tier 5 Titanium Yields 33 XP (I believe they are worth 33.5 in reality though)…4205596721291/unknown.png

Screenshot 2 shows that with the premium bonus you gain 2 Units of Tier 5 Titanium but still only Yields 33 XP…4342070984885/unknown.png

Screenshot 3 shows that with Gathering Equipment you gain 2 Units of Tier 5 Titanium but you gain the additional XP equaling the 67 Fame XP as you should per unit.…4826508902400/unknown.png

Screenshot 4 shows that with Gathering Equipment and Premium you gain 3 Units of Tier 5 Titanium but you only gain the additional XP of 67 Fame in total for 2 Units instead of 3.…4714411671663/unknown.png

Premium essentially is not giving you the appropriate Fame XP when gathering. As XP is defined by each individual unit gathered, which is not the case with premium.

Thanks for reading.

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

premium gives you 50% bonus fame on gathering and 50% bonus yield on gathering, however, the bonus fame is not given on the bonus yield from premium - that would amount to 1.5x1.5 = 2.25 = 125% bonus fame effectively

That means that if you gather with premium, you get the same amount of fame whether the yield bonus from premium triggers or not. However, the fame that you do get is still 50% higher than the fame you'd get without premium.

In the screenshot, you can see the total fame to be 33, of which 11 comes from the premium bonus. That means 22 base fame 50% on top.

Now, when it comes to other yield bonuses, such as those from gathering equipment, these do generate extra fame as usual, and that extra fame is also subject to the premium bonus.

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