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Queen Patch 7 - Ver. 1.16.393 / REV 161872 - 11 March 2020

This patch includes the second part of the Alliance Limit Test we recently announced. The first part went live with Patch 5 on February 26 and consisted of a Siphoned Energy Drain on alliances with 10 or more territories. The second part, a Silver and Fame Penalty on members of these guilds and alliances, is now in effect - details can be found below.

Additionally, as this patch updates Outlands Portal Zones with new exits, layouts, and collisions, players who are in these zones and the zones that border them will be migrated to the nearest exit when the patch goes live. For more information please see this post:…ion-Outland-Portal-Zones/

Alliance Silver/Fame Penalty
  • All players within an alliance will receive reduced Silver and Fame income if the alliance holds 10 or more territories (excluding Castles and Castle Outposts)
  • This also applies to players in guilds without an alliance, if their guild holds 10 or more territories
  • This penalty applies to all Fame gained from gathering and PvE and all Silver gained from mob drops and downed players
  • This penalty starts at 1% with the 10th territory and increases by 1% per additional territory
  • For further information about these changes and more precise values, please see this post:
Black Market Loot in Randomized Dungeon Chests (Solo, Group and Elite Dungeons)
Following up on the community’s feedback, we have reworked the loot in randomized dungeon chests according to the following principles:
  • T6 chests have been largely reverted to the status that they had on Queen’s launch as these chests were very popular with the player base.
  • We have used the old T6 chest balancing as a baseline and set up T7 and T8 chests as strictly better versions of them.
  • T7 chests no longer contain T4 loot and have higher drop chances for T7 and T8 loot than T6 chests
  • T8 chests no longer contain T4 and T5 loot, and have much higher drop chances for T7 and T8 loot than T6 chests.
We hope that these changes will significantly improve the loot experience in the game.

Outlands Portal Zone Updates
  • Added shrines to the immediate area around Outlands portals
  • Added shrines near each exit of the Portal zones
  • Increased total Portal zone exits - each now has 4 exits
  • These shrines grant invisibility, and operate under the following conditions:
    • Player is invisible for 2 minutes
    • Player is silenced and unable to attack for 2 minutes 30 seconds
    • Using the shrine resets the timer on any protection bubble already in place
    • Leaving the zone immediately cancels the invisibility buff and silence debuff
    • The shrine buff always has a 10-minute cooldown before it can be reactivated, regardless of whether a different invisibility shrines is used
    • These shrines cannot be used by players with "Outlaw" status
For more about this change and the intentions behind it, please see this forum post:

  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect/misleading ingame message was sent when triggering manual item recovery from a Hideout
  • Stairs added to Level 3 Hideouts between entrance and plaza levels
  • Additional minor graphical, terrain, animation, UI, audio, and localization fixes

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Sgtbloodelf wrote:

also when is gathering fix? Why make post so long ago if you didn’t add to this patch? :/ t7-8 market so inflated now it’s funny
The gathering improvements will most likely be rolled out next week.

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