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Posted by Lofthild 2 years ago

Current state:
  • Only 3 portals per faction
  • Portals are too close to each other
  • Tile map design leads to only 4 entry/exit points at max to other tiles which can be camped easily
  • Inability to use an entry/exit point if you're in combat
Most likely fix for the portal ganking:
  • Some sort of buff/mechanic which enables a player to get from the portal to an exit point of the portal tile without being able to get ganked
What it most likely won't fix:
  • Only the use-case "Player is getting ganked in the portal tile while moving to an exit point" will be fixed, but not the subsequent use-case of "Gankers will now just sit in front of the entry points towards the portal tile, because the ganking fix won't apply there"

Posted by Korn 2 years ago (Source)

Both the PvE loot tables and the portal ganking issue are at the top of our priority list and will be addressed soon, most likely with Queen patch 7 - if all goes as planned.

We want to make sure to get it right. The previous loot table fix was probably too rushed on our end, hence, it didn't go as well as we has hoped.

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