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Posted by deipop 3 years ago

You can see the big difference between the drop before the changelog #5 and after the changelog.

Here is an example of 10 maps drop solo dungeons T6:



Note that it is the same for all levels from T6 to T8 that i tested this afternoon.
The only notable difference is that you drop more items T4/T5 if the chest is epique or legendary.
And i can say in 15 dungeons my best drop is a shoes T6.1 :S :S :S :S

Have fun

Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 3 years ago (Source)

Captainrussia wrote:

Also I thought the lowest tier loot that can drop in a dungeon is minus two (-2) tiers... so a t8 dung would at the lowest drop t6 gear? Is this a bug? @Korn

Hi everyone,

recently there have been a lot of concern over high value chests (e.g. Rare T8 chests) that could have no or next to no loot besides some silver bags and runes.

This change is supposed to address this issue without changing the overall value of a chest.

So as to not reduce tier 7 and 8 loot chances by too much, while at the same time increasing the chance to find anything at all, we added tier 4 and 5 loot to high tier chests.

Best regards,

PS: We would like to channel all feedback to this issue here: [26. February 2020] Queen Patch 5

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