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Posted by RazoPL 3 years ago

bring back option to move private island, apparently there is no way to bz from carleon.
or make it so people can only move from carleon

Posted by Talion 3 years ago (Source)

RazoPL wrote:

Luquee wrote:

This option was available after the end of the avalonian invasion for players who already had an island I don't know if there is a return plan.

If you have nothing on the island you can abandon it and create another in another city if you have buildings destroy them all to get resources back and do this (When you leave the island you can create another by paying the initial price of an island, it will return to the level at which you left it)
do i need premium to re buy it in another city?
If you had 30+ days of premium once, and considering you already have an island, I assume you did, then that's sufficient. That "unlocks" access to island buying.


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