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Posted by ProKnighTT 4 years ago

Most players have fun at Albion with the Farm in Dungeons. The Loot was no longer a big deal and now we have the honor of the bizarrity of dropping in DG T8 of Map (purchased) only garbage from items 4 and 5. Is this a real update? are you really caring about the community? do you want old players to still play here with this ridiculous loot mechanic?Bizarre.

Posted by Eltharyon 4 years ago (Source)

Hi there,

please be aware that the total value of items has not changed- the items you get will trade for roughly the same value on the market. That said, here's our reasons for this change:

Before the patch, many players complained, that they would sometimes find high value chests which contained no items. This is because these chests were set up to drop only high value items, and if there were no high value items available on the Black Market, where all Albion Loot items come from, then these chests would be empty.

We have now moved some of the value into lower Tier items, ensuring that the chests always contain some loot, even if they did not successfully roll for a high tier item.

So in summary: these Chests still drop higher value items, but instead of sometimes finding no items at all, they now drop at least a steady amount of lower value items.

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