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Posted by combatsandwich 4 years ago

I made a post about this formally in the feedback & Suggestions section, but I wanted to go a step further to provide some context to elaborate on the issue. The context I provide might be considered a rant so I chose to split the post to maintain decorum in the feedback post. Feedback post here if you would like to provide your input.

I have recently stepped away from taking part in large ZvZ fights due to the impact of AoE escalation on these fights. Those fights are nearly always decided by Galas suicide diving the backline or beamed Weepings and brimstone. The fight rely heavily on spike damage, rather and attrition.

I decided to seek out solo and smaller scale fights. I have found some luck in faction flagging and going to the zones directly outside opposed cities city.

But this content is often spoiled by Hostile flags in the yellow zone. The hostiles can run any gear and the only risk of loss is the repair bill for getting downed. Often this gear is a very high tier and accompanied with rare mounts. These well geared hostile players are almost always accompanied by a faction flagged player to show up to execute the downed faction flagged player.

In this clip I started Ft. Sterling went to Thetford, then Martlock, and ended in Bridgewatch. Thetford was empty, But bridgewatch also had a similar group active.

This is also a large issue in faction ZvZ fight where a Hostile flag will run in and go for a big suicide clap and risk losing nothing.

Trade missions are also unjustly punished by mechanic

Posted by Korn 4 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

There are different ways in principle to tackle this. Here are a few possibilities - all with pros and cons:

1. Change the system such that red flagged players can be executed in yellow zones. That would fix the issue. The downside is that it would prevent the open world knockdown PvP between reds that can in theory happen in yellow zones. Does anybody here have a good feeling for how popular this actually is?

2. Change the system such that red flagged players cannot attack faction players in yellow zones. That would be very odd in our view as it's quite inconsistent.

3. Change the system such that faction warfare in itself in yellow and blue zones becomes knockdown only. Rewards for being faction flagged in yellow and blue would be lowered and would be increased in the red zones accordingly. We'd also set up a solution that still allows trade packs to be looted just as before. What's interesting here is that - come the improved faciton warfare system planned in one of our upcoming updates - it could become a very good training ground to help players to eventually transition to full loot PvP proper.

Which one of these would you prefer and why? Any other ideas? Please let us know.

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