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Posted by sala1234 4 years ago

Hello, my claim is that I pay for the game outside of steam, and I wanted to acquire gold and premium, the problem is that it is more expensive to buy outside Steam the difference is enough, I would like to know if I can pass my character to Steam, or facilitate myself the purchase at the steam price for the simple fact that I have bought your game I have a great disadvantage, the people who buy it for free at steam have the prices much lower.

Hola, mi reclamo es que yo pague el juego fuera de steam, y queria adquirir oro y premium, el problema es que es mas costoso comprar fuera de Steam la diferencia es bastante, quisiera saber si se puede pasar mi personaje a Steam, o facilitarme la compra al precio steam por el simple echo que yo e comprado su juego tengo una gran desventaja, la gente que lo adquiere gratis en steam tiene los precios muchos mas reducidos.

Posted by Talion 4 years ago (Source)

That's definitely not how it should be, as both platforms should go through the same currency conversion during the purchase process. We'll have a look.


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