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Posted by Fiesto 4 years ago

For the following part of the TOS..

SBI wrote:

13.3 No Manipulation ...

  • use software enabling “data mining” or which intercepts or captures data otherwise in connection with the Website and the Game.

1) Are we allowed to use the REST API available at ? (e.g. OR user script to modify albion online killboard)

2) Is the client network traffic allowed to be monitored ? (e.g. and it's derivatives)

SBI's tech lead said it was okay here, but I'm questioning after the TOS modification.

Could you please clarify?

Posted by Talion 4 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

It's very hard to give a general statement on what constitutes prohibited software/cheats/tools. While there are a lot of cases of "clearly okay" and "clearly cheating", there is also an almost limitless amount of possible fringe cases.
Hence, first and foremost: if you are unsure if a certain type of software or tool is allowed or not to be used with Albion Online, please ask us, telling us exactly what specific thing you'd like to use or do.A few pointers:
  • Anything that gives you a direct benefit in PvE, gathering or PvP is almost certainly now allowed. For example, this includes any type of auto-inspect tool or any type of radar tool that displays the in-game nametags on a separate minimap. It would also include any type of "auto-scouting" tool that generates a discord message if it spots a player or something like that.
  • In general, anything that modifies the game client, for example, through automated scripts or by displaying extra information to the player in the client, is now allowed.
  • When it comes to data gathering / data mining, we are in principle fine with a websites aggregating Albion market data if they do so i) using technical means approved by us and ii) not negatively affecting our servers when collecting the data and iii) as long as the data is made available on a website and not, for example, through an in-game modification or overlay.
When it comes to monitoring the traffic between your client and the servers, @'MadDave''s statement still stands. However, while the monitoring itself is fine with us, it's absolutely critical on what you then do with the data gathered. If it's just to collect some market stats to display on them on a website, that's generally fine with us. If it is to create a tool to help with PvP, that's a very clear no go.

As for the API @Fiesto - This API is not really documented and not intended for public use. You can use it, as long as you don't put too much load on our servers. It's a workaround for until we have a properly documented API in place.


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