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Posted by Mytherceria 4 years ago

Hi everyone,

We hope you enjoyed our first Invasion Day with the new mechanics and in the new world last Saturday, 1 February!

If you took part in this Invasion Day, we would love to have your feedback on the large-scale, high-level gameplay involved in the event (not necessarily the smaller bugs or issues, which you can report here instead).

In particular, we would like feedback on the following:
  • How did the gameplay in this Invasion Day compare to the previous ones?
  • Did you experience any overarching problems or things that are holding back gameplay?
  • Are there any urgent fixes needed for core features (ie. Crystal League, Territory Control, etc)?

Thanks very much for your insight!

- Mytherceria & the Dev Team

Posted by Eltharyon 4 years ago (Source)

faintrespite wrote:

The entire center circle is on the EU reset timer.

Is NA that much of a joke to SBI?

Neef wrote:

It seems there are more EU timers then NA and whats with the center being totally EU? Game does seem to run alot better so great job on that end.
I can't confirm that the center is entirely EU.

If you are referring to the region's surrounding the Avalon storm, there are regions of all timezones represented (Battle times from 12:00 - 5:00 UTC).
4 of those battle times (12:00, 15:00, 18:00, 21:00) are assigned to the 18:00 UTC Invasion time, due to proximity to that time. This covers Oceania, Asia, Europe & Brazil.

3 of those battle times (0:00, 3:00, 5:00) are assigned to the 1:00 UTC invasion time. This covers North and (Western) South America.

In the absolute center of the map we have 8 regions. 5 of those fall into the 18:00 invasion time, 3 into the 1:00 invasion time.
In the extended inner circle we have 24 regions. 14 of those in the 18:00 invasion time, 9 in the 1:00 invasion time.

The split is therefore roughly 3/5 in the "EU" invasion time and 2/5 in the "US" invasion time. This also pretty accurately reflects the ratio of active players at each time.

That said, we'll continue to look for opportunities to improve this setup.

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