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Posted by Lanyday 3 years ago

I love that the map feels big now, but it's also added a lot of really unfun gameplay and made it hard for small guilds and solo players to play in the blackzone. We now have even more horse simulator than before. We really need a way to fast travel naked to ONE location in the blackzone.

The additional horse simluator makes it hard for casual players and economy players to participate in the blackzone. It also separates royal gameplay from blackzone gameplay. I don't think this is the correct direction for the game. Players should be encouraged to participate equally in royal and blackzone gameplay so the world feels alive and it's possible to find content and fights at any time.

I suggest changing the home bind mechanic such that players keep their home bind on death regardless of where they respawn and allowing players to bind home in blackzone cities (instead of resetting their main respawn to that city... keep it as the last visited royal city). This essentially allows players to suicide back and forth between a single bind spot in the blackzone and the royal cities. This would allow players to participate in the royal economy and royal activities, tend to their island, and have a home in the blackzone at the same time.

These are really easy fixes that have existed in the game before when the map was completely different. The blackzone cities will make it possible for small guilds and solo players to have a guaranteed location they can travel to as well so it won't just be used by large alliances to harass smaller guilds/alliances like it has been in the past.

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

Hey there,

please see here: Hideouts are incompatible with Personal Islands, here's a good fix!

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