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Posted by TheBacon 3 years ago

Hi, so the main struggle I have noticed on our members and alliance after placing and having the hideout on the Outlands, trying to centralize more from them and not from royal cities, is the fact the Personal Islands are making it a daunting task to keep going back and forth to upkeep, the closer to the middle you settle the worse this is and it's not really even gameplay it's just a chore. Farming is a low-progression spec and almost everyone has it on their main character (as it's where they maintain premium anyway) so this is indeed causing more of an annoyance than anything else and it's the only thing that is holding back people from using the hideout as their base of operation.

So here's my suggestion:
  • Add an NPC on the hideouts that allow you to travel to your personal island only, and only naked at that.
  • Add a sort of "portal lock" to force the player to leave their island only from the same NPC, again naked at that, so there can't exist any loophole going from island to elsewhere via travel planner.

This would allow players to maintain their player islands, without daily up to daunting runs to the royal city just to do that one thing. This solution also has no negative impact on the economy as there is no traveling of resources or fast travel from players.

What you guys think?

Posted by Korn 3 years ago (Source)

Thanks for the feedback and great suggestion! We had actually considered a feature like that prior to Queen but did not have enough dev time left to implement. We will be looking into this.

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