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Posted by Shawesome 4 years ago

As @Thorn-Delwyn mentioned - new thread about the fishing issues in the New Outlands

The new Resource Distribution Changes in the New Outlands shouldn't affect fishing.

Thorn-Delwyn wrote:

No changes to fishing had been made as far as I know.

After the Queen Update it is now only possible to catch fish of the same tier as the BZ you're fishing in - 2 tiers.

e.g. in a T6 BZ it is now only possible to catch T4, T5 and T6 common fish and T3 and T5 rare fish.

Before the Queen Update it was possible to catch T6, T7 and T8 common fish and T3, T5 and T7 rare fish - so the same tier as the BZ you're fishing in + 2 tiers.

Also the Devs should check the respawn timers of the fishing nodes. I belive they are much longer than before the Update.

Thanks in advance!

Some other quotes:

Unai7 wrote:

Just got 15 fishes in T6 BZ withouth nodes, 6 tier 4, 6 tier 5 and 3 tier 6. I think its gonna be harder to get T7 rares since we will have to go min T7.

IXR wrote:

Can concur that there's something wrong with fishing. Fished for 30+mins in T7 zones and only getting T3/T4/T5 fishes. Previously you wont even get a T3/T4 common in T7 zones.

Posted by Eltharyon 4 years ago (Source)

Hey everyone,

with the Queen update we've standardized how fishing works so you can reliably understand what Tier of fishing is available. Basically all Outland regions now behave how Mercia's region's behaved before:

The Tier of region equates to the maximum Tier of fish you can catch in that region (same as resources and NPCs). The common fish you can catch should always be equal to the region's Tier or up to two Tiers below. The rare fish are any of that region's biome's rare fish up to the region Tier.

The number of regions available for each Tier of fishing should be similar to before, though changes in the Outland layout may have caused some variation.

HOWEVER: due to your comment we just found a bug in the setup of Tier 7 Ocean zones: these contained an incorrect chance to generate low Tier fish. This will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Thanks for your feedback and reports- we'll keep looking for a bit to see if there are any unintended side effects.

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