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Posted by Talion 3 years ago (Source)

Hello everyone,

This is the current Known issues List with the Queen Update and the projected times for fixes for them

To be fixed with Hotfix 1 (21.01.2020):
  • Picking up a grown animal from a pasture will only give you a baby, unless it additionally also produced an offspring
  • Sometimes players would encounter a mount floating in a fixed position
  • Signup for Crystal League is possible, however the user interface has bugs (wrong error message and battle time upon signup, item icon sticks to cursor)
  • Island Names are not showing properly in character login screen
  • Incorrect date and description of Island Move
No date yet:
  • Windows 7 user may experience blackscreen issues and may not be able to to use exits. An immediate workaround until we have a fix is to use Windows 10. (apparently, you can still upgrade for free through Microsoft, if you feel inclined to do so:…indows-7-officially-done/ )
  • Avalonian Fishing Rods are not in the toolmaker and can't be crafted


Posted by Talion 3 years ago (Source)

AfroDoom wrote:

Add to list: error in manually setting party role
This seems to be bugged for DPS only. Will be fixed with patch 2. If you encounter other issues with it, please let us know.

Worros wrote:

Main screen upon loging in seems to gray out for a sec before becoming usable.

Minor visual bugs appear every so often:
Entering "Caverns" random dungeon has a visual bug showing 2 huge floating bears at the very entrance.
You can sometimes see a bit of a loading time of other players mounting up progress bar.
Albion map randomly appears while logging off (after countdown hits 0 and you are going to a main screen)
Currently selected armor skins will still appear even if you are naked.
Floating mounts should be fixed with Hotfix #1
Regarding the mounting up progress bar: if you mean that you can now see a progress bar while someone is mounting up, then that is intended design.
Armor skins showing while naked is intended.

H4nk wrote:

Hi, there is some issue with the arena and scrims too. We had 5-man group and there was some error with joining scrim/arena... Please Check because we cant train for cGvG, thanks!
Is there a specific error message or anything? Additional details might help.


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