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Hello everyone,

With the Queen Update we will introduce Randomized Elite Dungeons for large organized groups of 10 - 20 players.
You will find enemies from the new Avalonian Faction as seen in the Avalonian Invasion before the release of the Queen Update.

How to find an Elite Dungeon entrance?

Avalonian Vault Entrance

  • The entrances to these dungeons can only be found in the Outlands
  • There is at most one active entrance per zone that spawns automatically about once a day
  • These dungeons start at Tier 6 and go up to Tier 8
  • You can use a Dungeon Map (Large Group) to find a new dungeon entrance for you and your group
    • These can be enchanted with higher rewards but they will also spawn stronger enemies


New Armors
These dungeons will be the only place to gather the Artifacts needed to craft the new Avalonian armors.

Plate - Armor of ValorLeather - Jacket of TenacityCloth - Robe of Purity

Avalonian Energy
Most Avalonian enemies will have a chance to drop Avalonian Energy from the Avalonian Invasion prior to the release of the Queen Update.

Ascension Buff

Up to 20 adventurers will be able to take a sip from the water of the Holy Grail after you and your allies manage to defeat the enemy guarding the dungeon
  • This will boost your Fame gained from killing mobs by 10% for one week
  • This boost won't disappear even if you fall in battle and die
  • It will also not stack if you drink from the grail a second time but will refresh its duration

Inside the Dungeon
  • You will find 3 to 7 bosses per dungeon
  • Each dungeon should take your group about an hour to finish
  • Similar to other Randomized Dungeons there is no limit on how many players can enter the dungeon at the same time
  • Inside the dungeon you will find energy gates and you have to destroy the energy core of the gate to proceed with the dungeon
    • After defeating the gate's core you can pass through but its destruction will be announced throughout the whole zone
    • It will also respawn quickly after a few minutes which will block other groups from directly following your group

What else?

Another change is that you now can transmute maps from lower group sizes to higher group sizes
  • You will need 5 maps of the same rarity and tier to transmute it into a map of the higher group size
  • You can not transmute low tier maps into high tier maps
  • You can not transmute low rarity maps into high rarity maps
  • You can salvage higher group size maps into lower group size maps
    • For example you could transmute five Tier 5.2 group maps into one Tier 5.2 elite map

I hope you will have a lot of fun there.

Best regards,

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