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Posted by SirAchtung 3 years ago


Holy Explosion (Great Holy Staff)
  • Cooldown: 25s -> 20s

pls make reverse for this change because it made 2 healers in 5 vs 5 hgs too OP. 3 melee +2 greater holy = imposible to stop. 80 % groups in hgs now it 2 healer 3 dd. they just abuse this staff and hg now = 0 fun because SBI make OP item.

Posted by Retroman 3 years ago (Source)

Thanks for your feedback,

With Queen we will also increase the effect of Healing Sickness on double healers to reduce the strength of double healer teams in 5v5 settings.

  • Healing Sickness for 2 Healers: 25.9% -> 30%
  • Healing Sickness for 2 Healers or more
    • Debuff Duration: 5s -> 8s

We will keep watching how this change plays out and might make further adjustments, if we are not happy with the results.


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