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Posted by Captainrussia 3 years ago

RR on cluster map shows the following bonus as 18% (unless Ore, which has additional 7%):

But when I try to look at stone bonus, instead of 18% I see 15.2%:

Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 3 years ago (Source)

Those bonuses shown are actually the overall increase to "effectiveness".

In the crafting window you see the amount of resources returned by a single action.
In the map view you see the amount of items created by repetitive crafting actions using all the resources that have just been returned.

Example: 18% Effectiveness

100 Logs into Planks (to make it easier lets say that 1 log is refined into 1 plank)
1. Action: use 100 logs -> returns 15 logs, 100 planks crafted
2. Action: use 15 logs -> returns 2 logs, 15 planks crafted
3. Action: use 2 logs -> return 1 log (u got lucky), 2 planks crafted
4. Action: use 1 log -> return 0 logs, 1 plank crafted

Overall crafted: 118

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