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Posted by Ysura 4 years ago

I've been encountering a lot of empty chests after defeating bosses in dungeons, is this a known bug ? I didin't find any posts on it.

A message displays very fast the fact the loot will be possible to loot in some time (like if you didn't kill a monster and you want to loot) and disappear.

NB: Even if I wait for quite some time the message stops but there is still no loot.

Posted by Thorn-Delwyn 3 years ago (Source)

Hi everyone,

thank you very much for reporting those issues.

This one turned out to be a pretty evasive bug.
Since we have trouble reproducing this bug in a controlled environment it would really help if you could send me, @Amoebius76 or @Dagother the following when it occurs:
  • type #where in game
  • create a screenshot with the empty chest and chat
  • send the screenshot, your character and a UTC timestamp to us
  • type of RD (solo/group)
  • premium/non-prem
  • region type (red/black etc)
  • party/non-party
  • flagged/non-flagged(even by black cluster)
  • who killed the last mob, was it a party member/non-partymember
  • who opened the lootchest - partymember/non-party, premium/non, flagged/non-flagged
  • loot option (party-loot or free for all)
  • anything in between, if character joined/left party after killing mob or opening chest
#where shows you the seed that has been used to create the dungeon and we can use that to re-create it and figure out what went wrong.

Best regards,

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