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Posted by ImaDoki 3 years ago

I've been noticing this for some time...

In many vids i see people using freeze time + meteor, and in most zvzs i take part too.

At first it looked like they were timing precisely the meteor to fall on freeze time end..

But now i see those people on freeze time taking damage from others skills before the meteor, while still frost in time.

Or i see freeze time hiting and 2 seconds later the meteor falls and damage is done, like at 1:02 time mark from this video from NUMBER1BRIMSTONE:


In the same video we can also see that, at 1:10 time mark, a group of players under freeze time influence got also damaged by Piercing Arrow from a Bow user.

The skill, aparently, is acting as if it is a 4s stun that can't be reduced by CC reduction or countered, since it's not possible to cast. (haven't tested if it is possible to Cleric Cowl or Mercenary Hood out of it, nor know anyone who tested it)

According to the skill description, we have:

"Freezes time for all enemies in a 5m radius for 4s.
(ignoring crowd control resistance) Frozen enemies
can't move or cast and are immune to all types of
spells. Enemy players are also immune to damage

So everyone under freeze time should have similar effect of "Zhonyas Hourglass" from league of legends, where the affected person becomes completely invulnerable for that duration, but can't do anything while at it.

@Retroman, can we please have a confirmation regarding this issue, as it is being used a lot in ZvZs for quite some time now?

Posted by Retroman 3 years ago (Source)

I looked into it and this is actually a bug and will be fixed in the next patch. I also assumed they are just timing it right, but the immunity currently runs out before the stun. Thanks for pointing it out again.


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