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With the upcoming event season, we'll be introducing alliance season point sharing. All season points generated will be partially shared with all alliance members. You trade risk (smaller alliances) for rewards (more season points directly for your guild). Alliance Change Cooldown will also be increased to 7 days to make it more difficult to game the system with alliance hopping.

Guilds aiming for the top spots in a season had a very big advantage if they were trying to get as many alliance members as possible. Which usually led to mega alliances fighting it out over the top spots. For the next season we want to give an incentive for highly competitive guilds to downscale their alliance size. The intention is to make Season Rankings more about the contribution of individual guilds, instead about alliances which funnel all their resources to push a few select guilds. If the feature will not perform in the way we would like, we will consider removing or alternating it for the next season. But we absolutely would like to test out a feature that creates an incentives for competitve guilds to play in a smaller alliance.

How it works in detail

  • ALL Season Points generated are now partially also shared with all alliance members. (this also includes Guild Challenge, etc.)
  • Whenever your guild scores Season Points, these points are then split between the guild directly and all guilds in the alliance:
    • Direct Guild Share: 50% of the season points always go directly to your guild
    • Alliance Share: The remaining 50% are shared across all guilds of the alliance evenly. (including your own guild)
  • All Siphoned Energy generated by Season Points is also shared in the same ratio
This means that the more guilds are in an alliance, the smaller becomes your own share.


# of members in the allianceRaw points generated (before sharing)Alliance Share per Guild
(the amount of points each guild in the alliance gets
Guild Points (after sharing)
50% + (50% / alliance members)

Season Points will be rounded and spread across alliance members. (for instance with 33,3 for 3 guilds would be split into: 33, 33, 34)

Alliance A has two guilds in it: Guild A and Guild B
  • Guild A gets 200 Season Points (before the sharing)
  • Direct Guild Share: 200 * 50% = 100 Season Points (go directly to Guild A)
  • Alliance Share: 200 * 50% / 2 = 50 Season Points (go to each guild in the alliance: Guild A gets 50 points and Guild B gets 50 points)
  • In total Guild A got 150 Season Points

DISCLAIMER: This feature is currently still in development and details may still change

I am looking forward to your feedback and hope you are all excited for the upcoming standalone Season.


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