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Posted by QuickSwipe 3 years ago

These are some questions for the Devs in regard to mechanics involving Hideouts. When exiting a hideout will an invulnerability bubble effect be applied? If a bubble is applied will it be the long "Zone" bubble applied when you change zones or A-out of a dungeon, or the shorter "Enough time to mount up or wait for skills" short range/duration bubble. Alternatively will a medium ranged bubble be applied. I have follow up questions depending on which mechanic it is going to go with

Posted by Eltharyon 3 years ago (Source)

Hey, thanks for the question!

There will definitely be a form of spawn protection, simply to ensure that players are protected while loading into the cluster. However, we're still experimenting with how long this protection will last and whether it ends when you leave the proximity of the Hideout.

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